With Love, Thanks and Gratitude to...

Anna Dubuis and The Barking and Dagenham Post for covering this story. After I informed The Post about it Anna immediately contacted me and organised for a photographer to meet me in the grounds of Barking Abbey. She then went on to interview me by telephone (literally) as I sat in Parliament Square during my first week of Peaceful Expression, with the story being printed the following week. To Anna and The Post, I am so very grateful;

The individual Police Constables, already mentioned in my account, whom supported my right to be in the Square and particularly to the Police Constable who used his own discretion to determine my right to be there. That particular moment was, and is, one of the most magical moments of my life;

 The Heritage Wardens, already mentioned in my account, whom supported and cared for me during my time of Peaceful Expression, and especially to the kind Heritage Warden from Romford whom I encountered on my first evening outside Downing Street after I had experienced an “incident” and reported it to her. She was disgusted by what I reported and told me not to worry because she would be looking out for me for the rest of the night to make sure nothing like that happened again. From that moment on, whenever she was “on duty” she mothered me like I was her own son, always offering to get me a warm meal and a hot drink in the evening, and sometimes going as far as giving me a hug before I retired to bed! She was so very lovely to me and words cant describe what a difference she made;

The toilet attendant whom worked in the Public Toilets in Trafalgar Square. During my time of Peaceful Expression I used the toilets to wash and shave each morning and on the third morning the toilet attendant saw me and told me, in a very stern voice, that I couldn’t do that there. I then asked where I could wash and shave and he replied “I don’t know, all I know is that you cant do it here, it’s not allowed.” Even though it felt like a frightfully de-humanising moment for me, I didn’t protest and began to collect my things, but the look I wore must have portrayed my feelings and touched him because he then suddenly said “But I’ll be going on a break in 10 minutes.” I replied, at first a bit confused, “What?” and he continued “I said that you’re not allowed to do that there, but I’ll be going on a break in 10 minutes.” As I realised what he was saying I simply said “Thank you, Sir.” Then collected my things, left the toilets and returned 10 minutes later. After that whenever the gentleman saw me in the morning he made himself scarce and cleaned another part of the building. May God Bless him for that;

The two Romanian girls whom worked in a privately owned tea room/coffee shop who always had a smile for me and whom I enjoyed participating in bit of banter with every morning when I took the liberty of asking them for a flask of tea instead of a cup!!! They always obliged and they raised my spirits no end! God Bless :-)